NOTRE meeting in Cyprus

The fourth NOTRE project meeting in Cyprus took place between the 17th – 19th of July 2017. It consisted of visits, workshops and presentations. More specifically, presentations were made by WP leaders and representatives on their progress and actions to be completed as well as the project meeting.

The following four workshops took place:

  • WP3 – TC2 “Serious Games Design and Game Models” by Telmo Zarraonandia of DEI.
  • WP4 – TC4 “Computer Graphics for Social Applications for Health” by Marlene Arevalo of Miralab.
  • WP5 – TC5 “Design of Social Technologies for Enhancing the Quality of Life of People with Disabilities and the Elderly” by Iosif Klironomos of ICS-FORTH.
  • WP6 – TC7 “Social Impact of Social Applications for Social Change – The Case of Voting Advice Applications” by Stefan Marschall of UDUS.

Additionally, a training on proposal writing took place as well as a brainstorming on research ideas.