Workshops @ HCII’17

Design for Social Change

Many designers have turned their efforts to projects geared toward positive community impact and design for social change (design for good). Design for social change encourages designers to play a catalytic role in communities through community engagement for projects that create positive social impact. Community engagement refers to the process by which a community is actively involved in building a collective solution for its own benefit.

This tutorial guided participants through the process of developing the strategic foundations for socially minded, design-driven projects with social impact at their centre and equipped them with an understanding of the steps needed to make positive community impact a reality.

This tutorial explored all the elements of a design problem to gain an understanding of where and how to intervene for positive social change. Creative sessions helped develop best practices in forming well-articulated key questions for guiding inquiry, along with designing effective ideation sessions. Participants worked in groups for rendering quick, rough prototypes of their ideas.

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Your Toolbox for Co-creative Design: Practical Skills for Design Research

This tutorial covered the area of Design Research with a focus on co-creative design. Designers and HCI practitioners need to develop novel ideas and propositions for design challenges.

Co-creative design entails the process in which the person who will eventually be served through the design process is given the position of “experts of their experience”, and plays a crucial role in knowledge development, idea generation and concept development. In generating insights the researcher supports the “expert of his/her experience” by providing tools for ideation and expression that form part of what is known as Design Research. Design research is research to inform and inspire the design and development process. In these approaches, the designer and the researcher collaborate on the tools for ideation with an aim to give form the ideas.

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